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I recently read a great article on the subject (of decks).  Small world?  site It is your article in my February 2010 issue of The Journal of Light Construction. In fact I color scanned it and may risk violating copyright laws by distributing copies to boards who are plagued with elastomeric deck problems and need to think about tearing them out and starting over.  Attorney Glenn Youngling 2/21/2010

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    Welcome to

     "Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to leaky decks" Dave Gobis, Consultant (from Tile Magazine)

     The Doctor"Water is patient," Adelaide. "Water  just waits. ... Water always wins."
    from Dr. Who, The Waters of Mars
     "Never underestimate the power of wind driven rain to penetrate the building envelope."
    "The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.  It can’t be done.  If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better."
    John Ruskin

     Do you want to know how to waterproof a roof deck? What about finding out who makes deck coating materials? Do you need a contractor to waterproof your deck? The answers to your questions and more is probably here! 

     By using our website and the advice and information within, you may help beat Dave Gobis' prediction of no end in sight to leaky decks....but remember, water always wins... use our site to help battle the elements with the best in decking advice.

    Oh, and remember, the lowest bid probably isn't your best choice...better ask a LOT of questions before you take the low bidder! Caveat emptor.  

    Hello, I'm Bill Leys, owner of this site. Welcome to; I'm glad you found us. This site replaces my previous site, has new features, more videos, more hall of shame pictures and information and advice for you.

    Did you know? has links to consulting, deck inspections and bid analysis services to homeowners, HOA and Apartment industries - see below for further information and follow the links to our many different pages of information. Expert witness work, destructive testing, contractor over sight, materials selection and specifications, you can find all of these services and more. 

     Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your time here, I hope you find my website of value to you. Bookmark my website and stop back often, new stuff is constantly being added.


    "Wood decks are just organized kindling" -firefighter in YouTube video

    Need a new deck? Replacing a wood or composite deck? Is your old waterproof roof deck needing repairs or replacing? recommends the use of solid surface Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic Coatings/decking.

    Solid surface decking offers considerable advantages over traditional wood decking and composite decking.

    There have been a long history of recalls of various brands of composite decking, that fail in the sun and rain.

    pe and exotic wood decking is expensive.  Redwood decking is expensive and these wood decks need a lot of maintenance-sand and seal every year...who wants to do that? Add in the risk of splinters...and solid surface splinter free low maintenance decks look very favorable. 



    Solid surface decking-concrete based systems offer Class A fire resistant ratings as well as "One Hour" fire ratings (some not all do) as per ASTM E-108, UL790 and or ASTM E-119 requirements. 

    Solid surface Pedestrian Traffic coatings offer waterproofing for roofs over living spaces as well as being able to be walked on. Using wood or composite decking requires a waterproofing system AND the deck for traffic.   

    Solid surface pedestrian coatings are far easier to maintain and less expensive to own. A typical wood or composite deck has an estimated life span of 15-20 years. A solid surface decking system made of concrete is expected to last 25-30+ years.

    Solid surface pedestrian traffic coatings don't need yearly dreaded maintenance of sanding and staining and sealing. No splinters, no nails popping out to catch bare feet. With a solid surface deck system, you'll need to have most painted about every 3-5 years.

    Come explore the ways Division 7 Pedestrian Traffic coatings can make your home safer from fire, easier to maintain and help maintain or even increase it's value! 


    At JLC LIVE in Portland, 100% of seminar attendees rated our presentation as good or excellent! 

    JLC Live


    We are excited to announce that we will be presenting our 3 hour seminar on Deck Waterproofing in Providence RI on March 20,2014.

    Sign up/registration is open, click here to sign up

    As a native from Rhode Island, I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.   
    JLC LIve Providence 


     All new three hour seminar on 

     Construction and Waterproofing Methods for Walking Decks and Tile Covered Decks

     The first half of the session will discuss pedestrian deck systems and the best building practices necessary to construct a well built long lasting deck assembly. You will learn

    • What types of pedestrian deck systems are available.
    • Differences between the various types of coatings and their pros and cons
    • How to sequence the deck waterproofing with your construction schedule.
    • Learn the best building practices necessary for a high quality deck system and learn how to sell best building practices to a client and separate your self from the competition.  
    • How a waterproof deck system is installed 
    After a short Q & A and a break, in the second half of this session you will learn about tile roof decks and how to properly build and waterproof them for a system that will last 30+ years. 

    You will learn 
    • The recommended construction methods and materials to use. 
    • The various waterproofing systems and assemblies used to waterproof tile decks.
    • The methods approved for waterproofing exterior decks by Tile Council of North America. 
    • Why the smallest details matter just as much if not more to prevent leaks. 
    • Reduce your risk to exposure to liability. 





    Warning! The Deck Expert has determined that 

    ignoring your decks can be hazardous to your wallet!

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