Update On Mer-Kote warranty program listing of authorized dealers

While we haven’t received a copy yet of the Mer-Kote “10 year warranty”, we have heard from 3-4 large HOA’s who have a “10-year warranty” and are learning the hard way that their “warranty” is going to cost them dearly.

One Association I heard from in the Palm Springs area has Mer-Kote decks that are apx 6 years old; their first reseal was done 3 years ago, apparently at a reasonable cost. Now this year, they get an estimate from their installer that is 60% higher than it was 3 years back.

Another Assoc in Coachella got several bids to reseal their Mer-Kote covered decks, the bid from the original installer was 20k higher than a competing bid. Their dilemma was that Mer-Kote told them they had to use the original installer to keep their warranty. They wanted to know what to do…as they felt very stuck and taken.

One Association I worked with in the Ventura County area was embarking on a deck renovation project and they were going with Mer-Kote; until a Board member stumbled upon my site and read my articles. They started asking questions, I helped them with developing some questions to get answers on before committing and the next thing I knew, they decided that Mer-Kote was not the product they wanted on their 200+ decks.

Why? The installer told them they would have to reseal every 2 years to get the 10 year warranty, or five times in that 10 year period at an estimated cost of $120,000 if the resealing work was being done “today”. That’s $600,000.00 in maintenance costs folks, over 10 years in today’s dollars. Almost double what the original cost was estimated to install the deck coatings.

That would have meant those deck coatings were worth a MILLION dollars in costs over 10 years, or 100k per year.

My opinion, from what I see is that The Mer-Kote “warranty” plan is a big residual income scheme rigged to benefit only 2 parties, the installer of your job and Mer-Kote.

Now if your willing to let go of the illusion that you have to use the original Mer-Kote installer, I would postulate that any other installer would be willing to provide some type of warranty to help cover you you’ll reduce your maintenance costs quite a bit.

Below is a list of approved applicators I got a while back from Mer-Ko; if you have to have Mer-Kote then you might as well have choices, so if there’s 2,3 ,4 applicators in your area, call them all, pit them against each other.

Contractor Phone Number

A-1 Deck & Coating
Accelerated Waterproofing, Inc. 951-279-6206
Acoustical Concrete Sys Inc. 805-482-3735
All Weather Coating Company COD
American-Oceanic Coatings Corp. 757-490-0445
Angelus Waterproofing 562-941-7676
Arnel Management Company
Benson Marine 310-832-8662
Best Roofing & Waterproofing 310-328-6969
CWI Courtney 949-222-2050
Cadeco 408-292-3435
Cal Dex
Capital Coatings 530-644-7137
Concrete Coatings 909-393-2945
D R Waterproofing 949-515-7678
DECKADE *COD* 949-366-1656
Deck Tech 928-855-5406
Dexcote Inc. 818-759-4821
Eberhard Roofing 818-782-4604
Expert Waterproofing 530-273-7599
FN & Co. W/P & Paint Coatings 909-229-9713
Golden West Veranda 951-244-4321
H&R Construction 818-906-2818
J.R. WATERPROOFING *COD* 626-962-2165
Kish Waterproofing 909-674-5155
Lutes Decking 949-589-1285
Lettner Roofing 714-633-0030
LM Waterproofing 619-448-8285
Mark Beamish Waterproofing 714-575-0018
Marvista Construction 626-806-5659
Mastercrete Construction Prod. 817-430-9187
Masters Surfacing Technology 909-350-1522
McDonald Technical Products 310-372-9427
Misc. Contractor
Morales Waterproofing 909-783-2836
Mr Roofer Co 805-407-4905
Mt. Diablo Flooring Systems 925-473-9500
Patrick Geraghty 936-760-7663
Patrotic Roofings and WP 480-649-0748
PCW Contracting 949-548-9969
Provancha Construction Company 619-239-8363
Robert C Metcalf Inc. 949-497-5482
Roger H. Proulx & Co. 562-630-8313
Roys Masonry 310-539-8023
Saddleback Waterproofing 949-589-3422
SealTech WP
South West Caulking 602-268-0567
SouthWest Waterproofing 623-582-5078
Specialty One 661-252-5040
S & W Waterproofing, Inc. 310-320-0752
Sterling Thomas 562-439-3453
Southern California Decking 661-251-1648
Technicoat Pacific LP 714-894-6464
Weathermaster 818-788-7806
Westtern Waterproofing

WATERTIGHT 805-529-4105


4 thoughts on “Update On Mer-Kote warranty program listing of authorized dealers”

  1. Dear Anonymous,
    I agree, the new Mer-Kote is great. That's why I am a Mer-Kote authorized applicator. This post you commented on is old, and lots has changed since this post went up.

    There is a company or two that I have heard is still twisting the warranty to say that they have to do the resealing work, but that warranty is totally bogus, Mer-Kote lets any approved applicator reseal your decks and you keep your warranty.

    Need resealing work or a bid? Central Coast Waterproofing is my company and I will lower your costs of resealing and repairs!

    Thanks for writing!


  2. I would like to comment on the warranty issue with Mer-Ko. Though in the past there was confusion and concern related to the warranties, since the new management has taken over, Mer-Ko has been terrific! They have done an exceptional job servicing our HOA, addressing their concerns and clarifying that any qualified applicator listed on their web site is able to do the re-seal and maintenance work to maintain the warranty.

    Those from past who continue to lie about how the warranties work are only self-seeking to line their own pockets and not working in the best interest of the HOAs/customers.

    My experience with 'the new' Mer-Ko has been great. Give them a call.


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