My Meeting With Mer-Kote

I had a nice meeting yesterday with the new management of Mer-Ko, the division of Parex/LaHabra that manufacturer’s and sells deck coatings. You probably have seen my emails back and forth with Susan Foster, their business manager.

Well Susan was kind enough to extend an invitation to come in and sit down with her and Buck Buchanan, VP of Sales and Technical Director.

So off I went yesterday, meeting with them at their offices in Torrance.
We had a great discussion on decking and waterproofing, I got some of the history of the purchase of Mer-Kote and subsequent management consolidation, the business goals of Parex for Mer-Ko and vision for the company..

Mer-Kote got some good information from me on the industry, the past history of Mer-Kote from my viewpoint and what I do and all.

All in all, a productive meeting that leaves me feeeling better about Mer-Kote’s future and it’s goals and aspirations. The old guard is gone (David Mazor) and the new guard has it’s work cut out for themselves, but I see it all for the better.

Mer-Ko has new ideas, goals and a business model that will make them a stronger company. While I still don’t like the Weatherdeck and Shurdeck system compared to it’s competitors, improvements to the products are coming, as well as some new lines.

Stand by for improvements and new focus from Mer-Ko!