Check out the "DeckLok Bracket Systems" for use in framing waterproof decks

Having seen my share of decks that leaked in around the 4×4 posts that penetrate many a deck; and the dry-rot that usually occurred, I wondered how one might stop the post from moving, the cause of many a flashings demise.

Well I saw this company with an interesting product called DeckLok brackets at a trade show. They challenged me to throw my weight against their display railing and see if I could get the post to deflect. I’m 200 pounds so I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it move.

Wrong, the bracket is a heavy duty kit that secures the post onto the framing and eliminates deflection. I could not move the post despite several attempts.

From what I see, this unique system would make a lot of deck guys feel better about posts penetrating their deck coatings when this system is holding the posts in place.
Check them out and see for yourself.
Check out the video demonstrating the strength of DeckLok brackets…

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