Deck Expert recommends Quickflash Weatherproofing Products

In the mind to recommend a few products and try to reduce our headaches in the waterproofing industry; Quickflash Weatherproofing Products Inc manufactures a unique line of flashings that enable one to quickly and easily weatherproof plumbing, electrical, hvac and gas lines that penetrate exterior vertical wall penetrations.

So many times in new production homes that i worked on, a leak complaint centering on the deck area would come in and after extensive time inspecting our work, we would look at penetrations adjacent to our work and invariably there would be an electrical box or gas bbq line etc. nearby. Pour some water from a hose into the area and lo and behold, there’a a leak.

The picture shows a Quickflash electric box flashing. One would slip the building paper up underneath the bottom of the flange, then drop building paper down over the top, completing a weather shedding barrier.

Deck contractors should recommend to their contractors to use these products on their job-you’ll reduce call backs on leak problems that weren’t yours in the first place!