Removing Old Urethane Coatings at 6th & Pine

I sold this very large job in Long Beach; we have a courtyard of apx 14,000 square feet with old failing urethane coatings. In some areas they sloped the deck and the urethane is 1″ thick. Tough stuff!
So it was time to call in the big boy toy’s, thanks to Sunbelt Rentals, who consistently stepped up to the plate after a competitor of their’s in Anaheim dropped the ball on us several times.

Here is our first video post of a ride on scraper taking off the coating on part of the job. Uncut, raw hard hitting footage! Sic More footage shows a grinder taking off an old texture overlay and a cutter is featured last.

After scraping, scarifying and then we had Dyna Guard come in and bead blast the deck clean. Victor and his crew from Dyna Guard are great! I recommend them for your concrete prep work and will be using them again for mine. I’ll post up a movie with Dyna Guard beadblasting….

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