Deck Expert takes steps to becoming a Listed Applicator of Mer-Kote

So March 19th found me at the warehouse of Mer-Kote in Torrance, with about 20 other guys from various waterproofing firms around California. I have taken the first step toward becoming a listed applicator of Mer-Kote, as surprising as that may seem to some…eductaion (sic)is the name of the game, and I want to learn…

We were there to learn from master decorative concrete finisher Ken Rhodes, who would show us how easy it is to do decorative concrete overlays, staining and stamping, by doing live demonstrations on each of several different Mer-Kote products.

It looks like a new Mer-Kote with an open inviting staff, eager to show me and the other attendees hospitality and good will.

I and the others learned a lot, Ken was a great teacher and I took home a new knowledge and sense of capability on a subject that looks harder than it is. If your not doing decoraive overlays as part of your decka nd concrete coating business, you should look at Mer-Kote for some help and some interesting products…

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