Waterproofdeckcoatingadvice.com aquires domain name deckexpert.com

We are happy to announce that as of late afternoon today, we agreed on terms with Web Inceptions, Inc of San Diego to acquire the domain name deckexpert.com.
“This will help strengthen our rankings on web searches and bringing in viewers to our website” said Bill Leys, President of the firm. “Having assumed the nickname “Deck Expert”, and a specialty license plate as marketing tools and now owning the more popular dot com extension rather than just the dot info extension is a key aspect to growing the business.”
Web Inceptions is a seller of internet websites and domain names, located in San Diego CA. The terms of the sale will not be disclosed, however, we were pleased to aquire the domain name for signifacntly below the asking price of $4,997.00.
We expect to have the name transfer done today and by Monday the web address should point to http://www.waterproofdeckcoatingadvice.com’s website. It was a pleasure doing business with Web Inceptions, they are a very effective and responsive company to make this transaction happen so quickly.