Why amateurs should not try to waterproof decks

So these pictures are from my vault of horrors…what you are looking at are pictures of a job that I bid to do the waterproofing for a tile deck. The contractor decided he could do it himself in Avila Beach and this is pictures of the results.
Metal lath stapled down with what looked like an Arrow T-50 staple gun, Pac Poly rolled into the lath and whole areas just missed. Flashings, well, that’s a joke. A competitor of mine took the redo of the job from me when they apparently agreed to not insist that the flashings all be removed (hope they got a waiver on flashing and leaks) and replaced.
Then there’s a picture of the job when after it was exposed to UV for about 6 months, it started to fall apart.
This is another example of a million dollar defect waiting to happen and I’m glad I won’t have to have my insurance deal with it, my competitor can.