Deck Expert Buys .info extensions of major deck manufacturer’s

Seeking to establish our presence even further on the web, has purchased ten additional web addresses ending with the .info extension. “
“We hope that with these purchases we will generate even more traffic to our site and increase awareness in the market place that consumers have choices and now have good information available to them to make good decisions when buying waterproofing.” Said Bill Leys, owner of the firm.
Our purchases included,, and several other major manufacturer’s of deck coatings
While some manufacturer’s won’t like our owning their domain name in an .info extension, buying .info extensions and using them actively is a protected use. We’re not going to squat on them and hope to sell them back to a manufacturer for a profit. We will use them to help increase our presence on the web and direct traffic to us when someone is searching for information regarding their products. Any one could have bought the .info extension url’s names, including the manufacturer’s themselves…