Gotta watch the Gutter Guy

So after seeing my third job damaged by gutter installers who hacked up our flashing, cracked our deck coating and caused the owners to get hit with a change order to repair our work, it’s time to send out a caution to everyone to watch out for the gutter guy…
First job it happened on was in Marina Del Rey, our copper flashings and deckc oatings were done, everything is nice and then I get a phone call that the new deck is cracked at multiple places…a ride on over, climb the 60′ ladder to the roof top decks and we find the gutters have been forced into position, causing damage.
Our extra work order at this job cost the gutter guy a charge back of $9,800.00 against his bill. More than all his work combined…
A job we are doing in San Luis Obispo just cost the gutter guy $1,100 for us to remove and replace 40 feet of flashing.

Luckily in these 3 cases I caught the problem in time, before it became a leak and a court case. I wonder how many more are out there?