Bill Leys’ Seminar Attracts Thousands to JLC Live Show!

Mobs where waiting at the door at 4:15 pm, eagerly waiting for the doors to open to the Art of Waterproofing Decks seminar, presented by deck expert Bill Leys…the Long Beach police had to be called in to restore order after the PowerPoint handouts ran out…
well the reality was they had to promise not to break into a keg and hold it back for all the folks who came to the 4:30 seminars, instead of going to the free happy hour that began at 5 pm.

I was pleased to see about 25 persons in the audience when I started up my seminar, including representatives from Mer-Kote-Parex LaHabra. The audience seemed engaged and asked me lots of questions, obviously because they had problems in the past.

I wound up around 530, with time for questions and answers…one guy who was from Nor Cal came up and said he was a deck coating installer, thought I did a pretty good job instilling the process of what deck coating installers need from their contractors.

My best feather that went in my cap so to speak though was editor Dave Frane of JLC Magazine who emailed me saying my presentation was interesting and most importantly, not boring, quite a feat for such a boring subject… 😉 and then invited me to write an article on deck coating!
So look for an article sometime down the road, not sure what the magazine’s turnaround is from receipt of article til publication, but I will be doing an article! Thanks JLC!