Waterproofdeckcoatingadvice.com’s vistors hits new high!

Here’s some stats from our web stat’s

Continuing to prove it’s worth, our website last month shattered the record number of visitors we got in March (3390 visits) and April’s high of 3957 visitors by 291 visitors, to reach 4248 visitors!

While most are still visiting us with common key words and search phrases, I always like to look and see what uncommon searches led a visitor to us. Someone wanted to know “what kind of cement does Desert Crete use?” to find us. Someone else was looking for deck coating seminars.

Web searches always look for someone to install decking, someone was looking for Pli-Dek installers last month, another was looking for Dex-O-Tex at Home Depot.

Strange requests that led to a visit included “waterproofing a wine barrel”. I can’t tell you how to waterproof it, but I’ll empty it for you…another searcher was looking for suntan lotion information and became so engrossed with our website they forgot about suntan lotion!

Someone else is looking to open a deck coating business, they wanted to know “how to run a successful deck coating business”.

Seems someone always wants to know about problems on decks too; due diligence is recommended and we have the information to do it with…one wanted to know about urethane disadvantages and another wanted to know about Westcoat ALX performance. Another searcher wanted to know if Magnesite had asbestos in it. Answer is yes, up through the 60’s and 70’s Magnesite was made with asbestos…take all proper precautions!

Well I hope in filling your head with these trivial stats, we didn’t remove anything of real value!