Deck Expert Endorses Depiction Software’s Imaging Software as best software to buy that will increase your decorative coating business.

Having been sold on this software by the graciousness and care shown me by Diane Squire at World of Concrete, despite a horde of people clustering around, that and a 30 day money back guarantee…cause I’m thinking, like at most shows where I buy something that looks slick and will make me money, I am many times disappointed.

Not so with this software. I had to learn it and you will too, but learn it and work it and watch as maybe’s and we’ll get back to ya’s become a thing of the past. Never mind lugging samples around of stuff that customers don’t want to see.

Simply take out your digital camera (you do have one right?) take a picture or two of your customers project, then load the pictures into the software. In a few minutes, you can have sample images up on your screen of what the clients project will look like with a new finish on it. Thousands of images are available and you can add your own. Amazing…and so easy too.

As your clients get excited about what they’re seeing, your asking the closing questions that gets you to take a contract and print it out on your HP portable printer, because you’ll need to be ready to print out a contract with this software in your arsenal.

Buy this software and you’ll leave your competitor in a workshop, making samples, while your closing their customer…or the next competitor will close them with Depiction Software. CLICK OUR HEADLINE TO GO TO DEPICTION’S WEBSITE