Deck Expert Continues Quest to Be Listed Applicator-Attends Mer-Ko/Parex "Fundamentals of Mer-Ko Seamless Decking & Waterproofing" Training Class

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Continuing my quest to understand Mer-Ko’s deck systems and to become a listed applicator, I was in Torrance Thursday morning; the weather cooperated and while it was warm and sunny, left the thermostat turned down somewhat, unlike what most of California is feeling for heat currently.

Approximately 28-30 persons gathered under the outdoor tent to watch Mer-Ko’s in house installer/product tester Ken Rhodes demonstrate the correct installation procedures for the Shur-deck and the Weather Deck systems, as well as the Pedestrian and Auto Deck urethane systems for use over plywood and concrete substrates.

I learned lots of new things, specifications have changed on these products as Mer-ko makes refinements and improvements, so installers take note. Seemingly simple things too, like when on a long run of laying down the slip sheet, if you run short, be sure to stagger the short laps to opposite ends of the deck.

Mer-Ko introduced their new “Prep-Seal”, a required step now in the Shurdeck application over bare plywood as a moisture barrier so that the plywood doesn’t absorb the water out of the Shurdeck construction coat.

Also introduced was Mer-Ko’s new pigmented sealers; now manufactured and developed back in house, after being subbed out for a few years. Mer-Ko Business Manager Susan Foster told us the product was better and cost the same.

A mix of a couple architects, a couple HOA rehab contractors and Mer-Ko applicators were in attendance with myself and there was lots of questions thrown about, and I think it resulted in a nice meeting with everyone learning something new.

Mer-Ko talked more about their future plans and developments, it appears that being owned by a company with cash can make things happen, and things are happening at Mer-ko…