Roof Deck Rehab in Morro Bay

West Coast Waterproofing (805-331-0700) recently completed the replacement of a 1000 square foot roof deck in Morro Bay.

The house was built apx 12 years ago, using a Dex-O-Tex slip sheet system installed by a local contractor. The deck installation wasn’t done correctly from the start, the owner had problems with the job from the get go, and Crossfield had to inspect the job and make recommendations to repair problems left from the original install. Sloping issues, venting the slip sheet and ponding water all contributed to the early demise of the decking system, leaving the owner with little choice but to repalce it way sooner than should have been necessary.

In looking at jobs, one thing I always ask about is what the intended use is going to be. One of the uses for this deck was that a hot tub would be placed on the membrane. That information should have been enough for the installer to realize that Dex-O-Tex Weatherwear’s system probably wasn’t a suitable choice for this install, as the slip sheet must be able to “move and slip” over the substrate. Since a heavy hot tub was going on, this would restrict the movement.

We recommended tearing off the existing membrane, reusing the flashings if possible.
After stripping it off, we found only a couple of rusted areas of flashings, replaced those and then installed a Desert Crete decking system over the plywood deck.

The new deck looks great, the owner is very happy and we’re confident knowing that the home will be well protected for years to come.

West Coast and I would be happy to quote you on your next job. If your interested in our high quality work standards, using high quality waterproofing materials from reputable manufacturer’s with 80+ years of manufacturing experience, you should call me.

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