Contractor Jon A Gratzol, Inc. Has Excellent Booklet Online Regarding Deck Waterproofing and Prep

I found Jon A Gratzol Company’s website on a Google search.
Serving only Western Washington state, Jon has the same attitude I do when it comes to waterproofing; we’re the most important guy on the job, and if you don’t like it, we’ll walk if the conditions aren’t right to enable us to perform the quality job we expect to perform for you. If your not going to do your part, Hasta La Vista Baby…it’s not worth putting our name onto your project that is destined to have problems later because of existing problems today.

Substrate, sloping, plywood type, gapping, all things discussed here is in Jon’s booklet.

Read Jon’s booklet and learn yourself something by clicking our headline to go to his pages. I recommend it.