Picture of the Week-What Kind of Quality Does 40 Cents PSF Get You For Resealing Decks?

So I have been doing repair and a lot of deck coating replacement work on these Mer-Kote covered decks down south. A cold call has paid off in quite a bit of work and I am grateful…so when they asked me to bid to reseal all of their decks, less the ones on tap for replacement,I was was psyched. There’s a lot of decks and a lot of square footage here so it was a bid of around 100k for me.
As I said, they are a Mer-Kote slip sheet system deck coatings. Someone spent a lot of time sloping these decks to drains in 3-5 locations on many decks (yes they are big! 700 sq feet each +). However, wear and tear from long term tenants who use these decks hard caused many to begin failing because of sun burn, grills burning areas, plants and contiguous building failures.
The remaining decks got cleaned and resealed by a competing bidder, who was actually a painting company. They did the job using Life Paint sealer color matched to the specifiactions of the management company.
I saw some of the decks that got redone…and this is what they looked like.
How long does anyone want to bet they’ll last? Next rain?

The job came down to dollars and sense, we bid it to spec, the painter bid it to what he decided to do.
Pressure was them and then paint what’s ;eft. A couple areas were so blasted apart we had to re-do them.