PCBC Humming With Activity

Winding it down today, PCBC was pretty busy from reports from several manufacturer’s I know are displaying.

Mer-Ko, with parent Parex/LaHabra is there…they got some serious real estate tied up in prime spot…

Pli-Dek has a nice looking booth too. Pli-Dek has snappy new literature and binders at their booth waiting for you.

I got a great sample from Multi-coat, their Slatex Systems Below Grade Waterproofing system on a mini-cinder block.

Lots of interesting products, not much new on decking this year that I’ve heard of. I saw one manufacturer, Quick Drain has a cool stainless steel trough with a snap in cover that looks like it might be adaptable to waterproof decking.

One thing to remember when venting decks in California; new codes require vents that won’t let embers in. Gunter Manufacturing 916-652-7424 has ’em. Fire safety is not something to trifle with. These vents will keep you in complaince with California Willand-Urban Interface fire code program.

AVM, Westcoat and Excelelnt Coating/Tufflex are there too, so stop by the show and see the many products and solutions to your building needs.