PLI-DEK wins the Deck Expert’s Contest

Having swiped my badge at a number of manufacturer’s and vendor booths,
I always wonder when (or if) I’ll get my requested information in the mail.

This years winner of my “Get the sales Lit into the customers hands>” contest is PLI-DEK, a manufacturer of deck coatings and epoxy. Monday morning I went to my PO Box and there was their package, already waiting for me…

Jan Bagnall, a partner in the firm explained-“We set up our swipe system so that every badge swiped gets electronically sent to our contact database at the home office. Our staff was assembling and mailing out the packages as the swiped cards came through.”

Huh, pretty simple. And effective, I have their information to review, before any other deck coating manufacturer, before anybody else.

Pretty impressive.

A couple years ago I went and worked a booth of a manufacturer; the hours of time, the investment into the show and all the leads that came in went missing or unused somehow, and we ended up with nothing to show for it. They could take a good lesson from PLI-DEK, who certainly isn’t wasting their money or time.