Builder & Developer Magazine Article by Atty’s Richard Glucksman & Grace Nguyen Discusses SB-800 and Recent Court Case That Affects Sub Contractors

A recently decided case heard by the California Supreme Court, Crawford v Weathershield Mfg. Inc. affirmed a Court of Appeal ruling in that based on the language in the subcontract, the subcontractor has an obligation to defend the indemnitee, under an express indemnity agreement.

This decision puts subs on notice to read and understand their often complex sub-contracting agreements with developers and their general contractors. That detail is the type of detail that would escape an average person’s grasp of the seriousness of the issue, and signing that type of contract could put you into a lot of financial hell, with paying attorneys for defect litigation.

Maybe it’s time to stand up to these developers who want the cheapest damn price they can get out of us, then they want our asses to suffer for their choices?

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