DURADEK Becomes Sponsor of Waterproofdeckcoatingadvice.com!

Waterproofdeckcoatingadvice.com is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest sponsor of our website; Duradek, a Canadian manufacturer of vinyl decking and railings. Welcome aboard!

Duradek is a major company for us to have on board and we feel their decision to join us as a sponsor is in great part due to our ability to draw the audience they want that is specifically looking for decking products to waterproof their homes, condo’s and hotels with. With representation all over the US and Canada, Duradek can deliver.

Jennifer Ogilvie [jennifer@duradek.com] of Duradek informed us of their decision today. I am pleased to have them aboard, as I believe they represent the industry well and stand up for their product by backing it with a ten year guarantee on their product. Duradek is represented throughout the US and Canada, look to their web page to find a dealer near you, get information, request samples, see where they will be at trade shows and much more-they have a great website!

Please visit Duradek’s website, see what they can offer you, and be sure you tell them you found them here at the Deck Expert’s website!

Once again, welcome aboard!

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