Is Life Paint in Violation of ICC-ES’s Rules for Use of an Evaluation Report?

ICC_ES issues evaluation reports, they do not “approve” a product for any use whatsoever…that’s what a Building Official is for, to determine if a product is suitable for the job it’s going on.

ICC-ES evaluates a product and the test data it is provided from accredited labs that have performed the required testing protocols that must be done. Therefore, ICC-ES has written specific rules about the use of their reports, what claims a manufacturer can make regarding a report it may hold and the wording that can be used.

From ICC-ES’ Rules of Procedure for Evaluation Reports under 13.4. “It is the report holders responsibility to not misrepresent the evaluation report in any way, and to secure ICC-ES approval in advance whenever there is a question about the use of the ICC-ES name and/or ICC-ES evaluation report. Report holders are expressly prohibited from using in advertising, promotional and informational materials, such language as “ICC-ES Approved”, ICC-ES certified etc.

So imagine my surprise when I was down at Miners Ace Hardware and saw the new Life Paint/Life Deck AL system on a very nice display board along with their FM system and Texture Crete…can you spot the apparent violation?

tsk, tsk


One thought on “Is Life Paint in Violation of ICC-ES’s Rules for Use of an Evaluation Report?”

  1. Thank you Bill for finding one of the boards that went out with that printing. A few were released before the error was caught. We had the headers for those boards adjusted immediately when the error was found and we’ve been looking for the boards (one which you have found) to replace them.I tried to attach a picture of the corrected board to you in this post. If it did not attach I can email you a picture of the corrected header.Thank you,Life Paint


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