Florida Community Association Journal’s September issue features article on concrete balcony replacement & compares the costs on 2 methods of replacin

Project Enginer Sean Kauffman of Structural Preservation Systems LLC in Pomono Florida compares the costs involved with the very expensive task of concrete balcony replacement in his article just published this month in FCAJ.

His case study involves two fairly typical Florida style condo’s-those being built with concrete balconies instead of a traditional wood framed/plywood covered deck.

Concrete sounds great and really is a product to build with, but like any product, needs to be protected. Wind driven, salt laden rain, (hello, Hurricanes and tropical storms) drives deep into concrete, attacking the rebar. Once rebar begins to rust, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be spending big bucks to replace failing spalling balconies.

Now many high rises are being waterproofed with various products when they are being built…but there’s a lot of condo’s out there that will be doing balcony replacement and they would be wise to read this article. Comparing the traditional, or conventional method (every third balcony) to the Full Stack, or Simultaneous Method of Repair, Sean details out the methods and the costs of each, including the extra hidden type costs that can drive number sup, to show that the Full Stack method saved significant man hours on demo, 1267 hours of savings!

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