Idaho company owed about $200,000 for work including architectural metal roofing, deck coating and water-proofing a garage roof.

From the website came this news feed about a big construction lawsuit

Contractors have filed 77 liens against Tamarack Resorts in Idaho for more than $22 million in unpaid bills, according to Credit Suisse, the Swiss bank that began foreclosure proceedings against Tamarack last March after the resort defaulted on a $260 million loan. Companies owned by Tamarack principals Jean-Pierre Boespflug and Alfredo Miguel Afif filed for bankruptcy protection to block this and other foreclosures.

The liens range from $3,000 for the installation of three computer-designed steel garage doors at a parking garage to $1.4 million for work performed on the condominiums at Tamarack Village.

Another developer going belly-up and leaving subs who can ill afford the losses….nice.

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