Picture of the Week

So I got a call last week from a client in Grover Beach; she’d had her deck redone by a local company a couple years ago.

She said “there’s rust coming through from the chicken wire”. I rushed right over…

The patient had signs of serious distress; rusted lath all over the deck. Close examination and an autopsy revealed what looked to be Tufflex or some type of urethane troweled over the lath. Some sloping work was done, we could see the built up materials over an old existing fiberglass system that went over the original urethane surface we found buried down below…

The deck was flat in many areas, attempts at crickets to move water to the scuppers were done poorly, water ponded on the deck just from the heavy fog we get on the coast in corners adjacent to scuppers, and out on the field of the deck.
Clearly who ever did this was guilty of not knowing what they were doing…

Demo’ing the stucco walls, where i could see the flashing was rusting through, we found serious amounts of water damage to the plywood and metal. Removing the plywood in one corner revealed the damage below to the TGI Trusses (Engineered Truss System, uses wood and OSB for strength).

This brought our work to a screeching halt; a general contractor will be needed to fix this problem, then we can come back and waterproof.

This job for us is around 10K, the owner now faces another 10k in wood repairs before we can waterproof her properly…

Lesson, you can cheap out on your job, but your job won’t get any cheaper!

Do it right the first time, not the second or third.

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