Life Paint Files Reply to Opposition To Motion Document 63 in Federal Court Today for Hearing November 17th.

Filed in Federal Court today were further arguments by Life Paint vs. Paul Koury in opposition to the trademark dispute that is the centerpiece of the litigation between the parties.

Attorney John Horwitz makes strong arguments about the trademark and most interestingly, Paul Koury’s assertions about the 3 agreements made between the parties over the course of several years.

Indeed Attorney Horwitz seems as increduluous as I am was when I was reading Koury’s defense…Horwitz notes on one page “It is unclear why Koury makes suh significant efforts to make the distinction that the subject Agreements were simply “memorializations” of the agreements reached through negotiation rather than actual contracts as it would seems that a written contract, by definition, is nothing more than a memorialization of a negotiated agreement.”

Some of the arguments Koury makes in his filings with the court make me feel like I’m reading a bad script of Seinfeld…guess who’s Kramer in this version of the show?

Hmm, does that make Atty Horwitz the “Johhny Cochran” character? and who would be George?
Well back to the subject, the court date is still currently set for next Monday the 17th at 10 am in Santa Ana. The battle will be about the trademark issue and who should have the rights to that…I’m sure it will be very busy with spectators lining up to watch the show,I’m planning on covering this event live and blogging in between.