New Quartery issue of WATERPROOF Magazine is out!

Opened my mailbox today to find the new quarterly issue of Waterproof Magazine…Summit Publishing is doing a great job with this industry oriented magazine.

Although it sounds ultra boring, waterproofing is the first thing to be sued over, and this magazine has some good articles on current standards, new products and articles on problems encountered in the field.

This months article of interest, expansive clay soils and the problems it presnts in waterproofing block walls. The pictures are worth the subscription price alone! I’ve not seen clay soil blow a wall over like these pictures show…

Send ’em $20 bucks for a one year subscription or $35 for 2 years worth of magazines to Summit Publishing 884 East 700 North Mapelton Utah 84664 or you can even pay by PayPal by going to and paying

Tell them we sent ya!