B.I.S. at Long Beach is kind of a BUST

I swung by the BIS Show at Long Beach on Friday afternoon;

After getting my free pass for exhibits only, I walked down the stairs into the exhibit Hall.

It looked like there were more sales people staffing booths than folks walking the show…

The big boys of the building world were persona non grata at this show; why would they be here, they aren’t building much these days. Most of the show attendees seemed to be smaller contractors who are building custom/semi-custom homes..

One acquaintance at a Booth said with a roll of their eyes, “Slowest show I’ve ever seen”

Our sponsors were in attendance at Mer-Ko, we meet All Deck as well and said hello.

After finishing our walk through, I headed up the stirs for the long ride home to SLO…

maybe next year will be better…