Waterproofers torch results in burned down building, millions in lawsuits, and all because of violations of the Building Safety Code that were let by?

From Calgary Canada comes this huge lawsuit involving a waterproofer’s employee on their second day of employment, burning down a condo project…

It is alleged that the City is liable too, as they initially rejected the building as being in violation of safety codes, but eventually accepted the project, contrary to the building safety code.

I would take that to mean if there is a violation of an ICC approved product or assembly that was installed, and it doesn’t meet the building safety code, the City will take liability on for the damages that occurred by allowing it to go by without ordering the problem corrected.

by Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald

Published: Friday, January 16, 2009

A condo complex in Erlton was a “five-storey pile of kindling” ignited by a worker using a propane torch on his second day on the job, court heard during the opening address of a 16-week civil trial.

Lawyers Jim Rose and Donald Chernichen, representing the owners who lost their homes and belongings in the city’s largest fire, are seeking $21.7 million in damages. The massive May 30, 2002, blaze left 300 Calgarians temporarily homeless.

According to court documents, it was Karl Swan, an employee of Cactus Waterproofing and Roofing, who started the fire while working in the southwest corner of the Waterford D building that afternoon.