Advertising Space Opens Up For Distributors of Waterproof Decking, Below Grade and Flooring

Are you a distributor of decking and flooring products for concrete, decks and waterproofing?

I am happy to announce the opening of 3 spaces to distributors of waterproofing materials. We will have these 3 spaces available on our BLOG and our website, over 200 pages in all where your ad will appear, and only 2 other competitors will ever be next to your ad.

At our website, we will feature the ads right below our manufacturer’s ads in the same format, one row with only 3 logo’s appearing!

Get in now, 2.0 is being planned and designed for a launch later this year, with all new features, a new look and our new site will be easier than ever to navigate through and find information.

According to our stat machine, over 40,000 visits were recorded in 2008. Almost 50% of our visitors added us to their Favorites files.

Call Bill Leys at 805-801-2380 today!