Hey Deck Expert-My installer wants to put "crickets" in the corners of my deck. I have a hard time sleeping now, won’t crickets keep me awake?

Dear Reader,

Thanks for your question about crickets.
To help ease your mind about being able to sleep, the crickets your installer wants to put in are the silent type of crickets that don’t chirp all night long, so you’ll get plenty of rest.

So what are these “crickets” that our reader is inquiring about? Quite simply, in the parlance of the deck coating world, a “cricket” is a method used to provide reverse slope, or move water in a different direction than where it wants to go.

Water seeks it’s own level, so when a deck is pitched 2% from the wall out to the edge,
the water will run out to the edge and run off. That works fine in the case of an open railing system. But often times, a stucco or wood sided solid wall will be built at the edge. As seen above in the picture, water is trapped in a corner, mere inches away from the scupper (not visible in pic). By building slope into the corner across from the outside edge to the scupper, water would move off to the scupper instead of being trapped in a low spot.

Ponding water on a deck is not a good thing, ponded water can over time damage the waterproofing membrane and causes dirt stains and is unsightly.

Installing crickets in corners and in between drains or scuppers helps eliminate ponding water.

So in this case reader, get your self some crickets in those corners and get a good night’s rest too!