From the RENO GAZETTE JOURNAL- Nevada contractors want defect laws changed

This article on construction defect’s repair process in Nevada came out yesterday…

Homeowners, contractors and subcontractors gave state lawmakers varying viewpoints on Nevada’s law governing construction defects, though most were of the opinion that the law needs to be adjusted.

“I think there is a little tweaking that is going to have to be done,” said state Sen. Maurice Washington, R-Sparks, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that received the testimony during a hearing about construction defect laws and Chapter 40 of state law.

“The Chapter 40 process is slow, expensive and isn’t working,” said Josh Griffin, representing the MGM Mirage that is building a

2,392-unit residential project in Las Vegas.

Steve Hill, chairman of the Construction Coalition, agreed.

“Chapter 40 is such a convoluted process; it does more harm than good,” he said.

Three homeowners who used the Chapter 40 process to have construction defects fixed on their properties said it is invaluable.

David Babel of Reno said he received no satisfaction from the builder of his home despite phone calls and face-to-face meetings but was able to get his home fixed with the Chapter 40 process.

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