American Plywood Association Publishes Technical Notes on FRT Plywood (Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood

Fire resistant construction is a big part of the building code, and new technologies have given us Plywood that has been treated to be fire retardant.
The APA has just published a Technical Note on the product and the Notes contain some excellent information on this product.

Fire-retardant-treated plywood is pressure impregnated with chemicals to permanently inhibit combustion. This qualifies it for a lower flame-spread rating and smoke developed index, and reduces it’s fire-hazard classification. When it is identified as such by a code recof=gnized testing agency label, it is rated on parity with non combustible construction by many insurance rating bureaus.

This type of fire retardant material may well find it’s way into our industry…I wonder if it has the same qualities as regular plywood does?

So click our headline to download and read this APA produced Technical Note and learn more about this new product. It could be that you’ll find it someday on one of your next jobs if your a contractor…