MIRACLE DECK COATING? MFG claims in letter that "structural instability in framing can be corrected with one of their metal lath deck coating products

The Deck Expert has obtained a copy of a letter sent by Poly-Tuff, regarding decks that are/were experiencing cracking issues on them in LA County.

The decks are cracked and some are leaking now…

But apparently, according to the sales manager who wrote the letter, Poly-Tuff’s Flexideck P-ML (Metal Lath system can correct “structural instablity in the framing.”

What? Is this guy serious? Poly-Tuff’s Flexideck system can correct structural instability? If that’s the case buddy, you got yourself the miracle decking system that can right many wrongs with little effort or removal of unstable structural framing.

ack…OK, sorry, I fell on the floor laughing to hard….I think I know what he meant to say, but what it says is what it says…

A lesson in the subtleties of proper English usage?