Quest Is the Store For Flooring, Decking and Waterproofing Contractors…

Last week I was down in the OC working with a buddy doing some epoxy flooring at the Seal Beach navy facility.

We stopped by Quest on N Patt Street, he having rented a shot blaster and the requisite vac and generator from them and needed to pick it up.

Off we went and I did some shopping and browsing while the equipment was put in the truck.

I have to say that the place has what the contractor needs, at a cost way better than Home Depot does for the same things. Need chip brushes and rollers? Plenty of choices, types and sizes. Spiked rollers for rolling into wet epoxy to pop the bubbles that inevitably occur are hard to find, but not here.

Need some new spiked shoes to walk over wet epoxy of into a texture job that needs knocking down? $13.00 gets you a set your choice of spikes or blunted…

Rental equipment from Blastrac sits waiting for your floor prep needs, diamond blades and cups of all sizes, grinders and other hand prep tools, are all here for you under one roof.

Print the coupon and stop on by to say Hello to Dave Ratliff, a long time contractor who has plenty of “trowel time” under his belt, Dennis Chevrier and Erica Bagnall, who is carrying on the family deck coating and waterproofing tradition, she’s the daughter of Jay Bagnall, formerly of Galahad. Erica’s Uncle is one of the owner’s of Pli-Dek. They will all help you out with advice, a hot coffee and a free T_Shirt with your coupon…tell ’em you found it here!