ANNOUNCING THE WORLD PREMIER of "How To Install the Desert Crete Decking System"

Yes, it’s here and now, our new video on installing the Desert Crete decking system, filmed, directed and acted in by yours truly, the Deck Expert…

Produced specifically for general contractors, builders, remodelers, architects and anyone with an interest in the process of installing a decking system, this DVD shows the many steps that it takes to provide a high quality job and decking system that will protect the occupants and living spaces below and last for years and years with just basic maintenance and regular inspections.

Manufactured by Hill Brothers Chemical Company, the Desert Crete system is one of the best decking systems out there…metal lath, polymer modified cement and fiberglass/bonder combined together, the sum is greater than the parts and these deck systems really work well for builders, homeowners and us…

This video was filmed at a Habitat for Humanity job site in Atascadero CA on Traffic Way. There are 4 small decks that we did there, Hill Brothers donated materials and we donated the labor and flashings to the project.

The DVD is not being published here,except in trailer form, it is available in full run time only by emailing us at and sending your address/name and I’ll mail you a free copy, no postage/handling, nothing…just totally FREE! Or call direct at 805-801-2380 to request your DVD by phone.


Siskel’s & Ebert’s, get your thumbs going…


Call us or email me now and get your free copy!

or if you really want to see it now, click on our headline to go to Central Coast Waterproofing’s website….