Coming soon

Yes, true enough, we’ve forged ahead to revise our website at, signing a contract yesterday to revise the layout, look and interact ability of the website.

We’ll be using a JOOMLA based site, which is a free app that has easy to learn user control panel, lots of apps to add stuff in with and will be a content management system site, whatever that means…

Here’s a picture of the proposed look for our new site’s design…

There is one more space for a deck coating manufacturer’s ad on the right side column, and there’s 3 new spaces at the top, only available to wholesalers of decking, flooring and waterproofing companies. So if you are a distributor, you should think about getting your logo on the only website devoted to decking, There will never be more than 3 ads, so you’ll only ever have 2 other distributors ads competing against you. Exclusive ads for an exclusive market. Call about rates to 805-801-2380 or email me at

Other news…

Anyway, we’re also moving ahead with a change up in the naming of our site, to make us easy to remember and type into your browser, we’ll now be known as


Much easier than, whew, say that 3 times fast, will be the site address to remember for easy typing into your browser.

Watch for our new logo coming soon,

we’ll have limited edition T Shirts to give away with the new logo on it…

watch for these changes, the new website should be launched around April 15th, logo changes next week!

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