UK manufacturer Stirling Lloyd Polychem Chosen To Supply Waterproofing for Manchester, UK Garage parking Deck Waterproofing Project

Decseal Triumphs At Exchange Quay

Posted by: Roxanna Anderson
From: Stirling Lloyd Polychem
Date: 4/2/2009
Decseal Triumphs At Exchange Quay Stirling Lloyd’s Decseal System has been used for waterproofing and surfacing the top deck of the car park at Exchange Quay near Manchester.
Exchange Quay is a new complex of commercial space in Salford Quays, two miles from Manchester city centre that incorporates the very highest concepts in architectural design. The development comprises seven office buildings, green areas and multiple water features.

The Metro building within the development also came with a two-storey car park and it was essential that the systems chosen to protect this asset were not only effective and durable but also complimented the high-end design.

Of the systems available, Decseal from UK manufacturer Stirling Lloyd Polychem was chosen for waterproofing & surfacing the top deck of the car park. Based on advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) resins the system not only offered the durability and skid-resistance desired by the client, but this high performance was available in a wide range of colours, giving the customer full control over the aesthetics.

For this project the client wanted a green finish and some 3,000m of Decseal, pigmented chrome green, was applied by Stirling Lloyd Construction, a specialist contractor authorised to apply the Decseal system.

Once the concrete deck had been prepared the Stirling Lloyd Construction team set about applying the system. Firstly Decseal Primer was applied, which sealed the substrate and enhanced the bond of the subsequent membrane. The fully reinforced waterproofing membrane was then applied, with a reinforcement scrim sandwiched between two layers of waterproofing. The membrane is liquid spray applied, which helped ensure a rapid application and a seamless finish, even around the complex details that needed to be treated. After the membrane had cured, in less than an hour, the final wearing course was applied. This provides the systems skid-resistance and aesthetic appearance.

Any system can only achieve its full performance potential if it is applied correctly. To back up the application teams experience and training, stringent on-site QC procedures including tensile adhesion tests, thickness checks and scuff tests were carried out to ensure this potential was realised.

To delineate the individual parking bays, Stirling Lloyds Safetrack LM line marking system was used. Safetrack LM is also MMA based and is highly durable, wear resistant and fully bonds with Decseal.

Despite tight programme schedules, Stirling Lloyd Construction completed the works on schedule and the owners of the development, HBG Properties, can be confident they have a car park that is aesthetically pleasing, is effectively protected against water penetration and will retain its anti-skid properties for many years.

Source: Stirling Lloyd Polychem