HOA’s; YOU CAN SAVE A LOT OF MONEY BY HIRING UNLICENSED/ UNINSURED CONTRACTORS! Then you too can be liable for a workers injuries!

I saw this article at Community Associations Network (CAN). If you are an HOA, and don’t make sure your independent contractors are licensed and insured, you’ll deserve the same fate as these folks got…

Heimen et al. v Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board

HOA Should Be Sure Workers are Insured California homeowner associations (HOAs) and HOA management companies will want to pay attention to a recent ruling coming out of the state’s Second Appellate District. The case, Heimen et al. v Worker’s Compensation Appeals Board, involved the claim of a worker injured on association property for worker’s compensation benefits. Read more by clicking here.

So the lessons are that any contractor who will be working on your property must have;
workers comp
liabilty policy naming HOA as add’l insured
Auto Insurance.

You can get extra protection by buying a add on workers comp policy for around $500-1000 per year. Then if someones coverage was lapsed and something happened, you would still be covered. Your choice, pay a little or pay a lot…