Regenesis Report June 2009 Edition is Now Available….

Rich Thompson, a colleague of mine, has a great column at, a website for HOA’s…
each month a series of articles are published. Here’s the selections this month that will help your HOA.

The Regenesis Report (National Edition) June 2009 is now available for viewing at


The Role of the Board. Who does what and when?

Ask the HOA Expert. Another set of intriguing Q&As.
HOA eVoting. Use the web to vote to cure quorums and save money.
Proxies with Moxie. Properly done proxies are essential for HOA meetings.
Pool Kick Off. Pool season is just weeks away.

Musical Meetings. Make yours sound like a symphony.
Choose Hope. Despair and hope are both choices.
Keeping Perspective. Focus on the good in your life.
Laws of Life – Sundry. First Law of Decision Making: Any decision is better than no decision.

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Rich Thompson
The HOA Expert