Job of the Week…or What 23k Worth of Materials Looks Like…

Central Coast Waterproofing is doing a big job in Monterey County. We took delivery of the Mer-Ko materials today; 33 thousand pounds worth… plus all the copper flashing-1400 lineal feet, 58 door and window pans, post collars, counter flashing….

Here’s a picture of all it stacked up-15 pallets worth-waiting for us to put it down. It’s a tile ready waterproofing system, with an inch of underlayment that we are putting on, reinforced with Structalath. 3500 square feet of decks worth of work…we’ve spent 2 weeks doing the copper flashings and door pans plus all the window sidelite pans and now we are ready to waterproof it all with Mer-Ko ARC membrane. All the copper was sanded with 100 grit to achive a rough finish to bond to, then encapsulated the copper to isolate it from air with Mer-ko waterproofing primer and a membrane.

Central Coast Waterproofing is the only authorized factory approved installer of Mer-Kote in San Luis Obispo and nearby Monterey County. For any Mer-Ko/Mer-Kote decking call Bill Leys direct at 805-801-2380.

We can repair and reseal your deck(s) and your warranty, despite what it might say as far as applicator goes, will be intact. You do not have to use the original applicator who installed your deck if you don’t want to. Contact Mer-Ko directly for further information- tel 310-320-1880.