July 2009 Regenesis Edition is now available-a great tool for HOA’s!

The new monthly issue of Regensis report is available for your reading pleasure.

The Regenesis Report (National Edition) July 2009 is now available for viewing at www.Regenesis.net


One Percent Rule. 1% accounts for 99% of the problem.

Ask the HOA Expert. Another set of intriguing Q&As.
The Role of the President. Are you up to the job?
Managing Difficult People. It’s partly art and partly science.
Going Green. Saving money by doing good.
Rules Enforcement Guide. Better a Guide than Guido.
Perception Principle. What you perceive is what you get.
CYA: Collateralize Your Assets. Ancient wisdom.
Wizdumb from Larry the Cable Guy. A day without sunshine is night.

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Rich Thompson
The HOA Expert