DURADEK RELEASES Tiledek Membrane – The Ideal Solution to Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Under Exterior Tile Applications.

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Tiledek Membrane – The Ideal Solution to Waterproofing and Crack Isolation Under Exterior Tile Applications.

SURREY, BC (June 30, 2009) – Duradek Ultra TILEDEK is already quickly proving itself as one of the leading products for waterproof roofing and crack isolation membranes under exterior tile or slate.

Duradek Ultra TILEDEK is a outdoor anti-fracture roofing membrane designed for use under exterior tile decks and roofs. Virtually identical to Duradek Ultra, TILEDEK is an approved roofing membrane with a fabric laminated to its topside. The tiles can then bonded securely to the fabric-covered membrane with thinset mortar.

Exterior tile has often been the source of contractor headaches resulting from improper waterproofing and cracking tiles. Since tile and grout alone are not waterproof, tile contractors rely on other products to waterproof the structure. Oftentimes the chosen product may not have actual roofing approvals; it may be too soft, allowing deflection which can crack the tiles or the warranty may be void if another product is placed overtop. TILEDEK is the answer to these issues, and more…

What makes Duradek Ultra TILEDEK different from the alternatives…

TILEDEK is an approved roofing membrane, so the structure below does not incur expensive water damage.

TILEDEK has a fabric laminated to its topside which securely bonds the tile, using a thinset mortar.

TILEDEK also acts as a crack isolation membrane, which allows some movement in the structure without cracking the tiles.

TILEDEK is part of 3 approved assemblies which were all rated for residential or heavy duty use, based on the ASTM 627 Robinson Floor Test

TILEDEK is made of a very dense PVC , so there is no chance that deflection in the membrane will crack the tiles.

TILEDEK is installed by trained applicators, so you have the peace of mind knowing the installation is professionally done.

TILEDEK has a manufacturers 10 year warranty on waterproofing, even when tile or slate is installed on it’s surface.

Duradek Ultra TILEDEK is produced by Duradek, the original waterproofing sheet vinyl that has been solving unique waterproofing problems throughout North America for over 35 years. With the same roofing approvals, the same proven installation techniques, and the same network of professional and trained applicators, Duradek Ultra TILEDEK is revolutionizing the decking and flat roof industry.

Please go to http://www.duradek.com/Tiledek.asp for more details.


Jennifer Ogilvie, Marketing Manager