Keep Your Client Entertainment Costs Down With a Little Golf

While this has nothing to do with decks and waterproofing, we all have to entertain our customers now and then…

and many of my clients like to golf. So how do you take them golfing on a budget? Especially when the average round is $60.00-$100 or more?

Well Deck Expert is here to tell ya…go to and book your next client golf round and save a bundle while looking like a hero.

In Orange County? You can golf Talega or 12-14 other courses. In Monterey? You can golf at Poppy Hill. Many courses, great prices… check out any state in the Union for tee times/prices. Palm Springs? Cheap cheap cheap in high summer

I just booked at Rancho Canada in Carmel Valley for a foursome for $27.00 a player, including 2 carts and 18 holes… Rancho Canada charges $89 a round if you just make a direct reservation…course we’re teeing off at 2:20 pm..if you want to go at 730 am you’d pay $55 per.

That’s todays advice, save a lot of money and look like a big shot! You’ll save enough to buy drinks at the 19th hole.