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HOA’s need all the help they can get…Rich Thompson provides great information and articles at Regenesis; check it out at the link below for this months newsletter…

The Regenesis Report is a monthly newsletter published by The HOA Expert™ Richard L. Thompson.
This month’s
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How to Avoid Board Blowback. Play by the rules.
Ask the HOA Expert. Another set of intriguing Q&As.
The Role of the Secretary. It’s more important than you think.

Court Upholds Ban on Exclusive Cable Contracts.
8 Ways to Share the Good News. Cheap ways to communicate your HOA messages.Codes, Reports & Standards, Oh My! Subtle but important differences.
Pull Principle. Be the shepherd toward whom the flock moves.
Invictus. Bloody but unbowed.
Best Headlines. Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash.

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