Tremco Announces Custom Colors for Their 351 Decking System

From Tremco comes this news release on custom colors for the Tremco decking system…

Kimberly E. Rotsky
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Now…Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem® 351 Pedestrian Topcoat
BEACHWOOD, Ohio, (June 2, 2009) – Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing (CS&W) introduces an industry first for deck coatings – Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem® 351 Pedestrian Topcoat. With this new offering, lead times are dramatically shortened, restrictive minimums are eliminated, and customers are guaranteed color consistency from pail to pail.
Traditionally, special color deck coating orders were manufactured in large batches made up of resins, pigments and tints, and because of this the customer was required to order a 50-gallon minimum. Now, with Tremco’s new Custom Color-on-Demand program, a neutral base can be made and stored at the manufacturing plant, and quantities as small as a five-gallon pail can be color tinted at the time a customer places an order.
As a result, the product can be produced within five days (after color match approval), where the industry standard is three to four weeks.
With state-of-the art computer dispensing technology, having color consistency throughout the job has never been easier. A new sophisticated color dispensing system allows the neutral base to be color tinted with absolute precision to match color formulas that were developed in Tremco’s Color Laboratory. A technologically advanced color computer ensures the color accuracy of the dispenser and checks it to the approved standard provided by the customer. The color computer measures the overall color difference – Delta E, and can compute a paste formula adjustment for a batch that is out of color specification, ensuring that the difference in color from pail to pail is always a Delta E measurement less than 1. (A less than 1 measurement means any difference in color is virtually imperceptible to the human eye.)

“Being able to provide a special color of Vulkem 351 to our customers on demand and in smaller
quantities puts special color ordering for deck coatings in a whole new league,” Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing President Chuck Houk stated.
Jobs no longer need to be on the line due to delays waiting for material to arrive at the site or because of inconsistency in color from one pail to the next.
Contact your local Tremco Sales Representative for more information on Tremco’s Custom Colors on Demand for Vulkem 351 Pedestrian Topcoat.

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