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APRA is an association of Reserve Professionals for HOA’s, check out their newsletter for vital information and news on reserving funds for HOA’s

Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) is the national trade association for those that carry the Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) credential.
APRA provides a common base of knowledge, standards of care and professionalism. Membership to APRA is open to reserve study providers and affiliate service providers.
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Common Contract Clauses. Don’t sign one without them.
Ask the Professional Reserve Analyst. Advice worth heeding.
Protect Your Landscape Investment. Hire a pro, not the blow and go boys.
Picture Perfect Reserves. Aim, focus and start shooting.
Barkdust: Landscaper’s Friend. It cuts landscaping and water costs.
APRA 2009 Member Recognition. The list just keeps getting longer.

Richard Thompson PRA™
President – Association of Professional Reserve Advisors