Freud Introduces the New Diablo Mixers for Superior Durability and Performance in the Construction Market

Calling all Deck Coating Contractors-check these tools out!

Press Release

Freud America, Inc., a premier manufacturer of superior cutting and power tools, has announced the launch of the Diablo Mixers for the construction market. The new Diablo Mixers are specifically designed to give users the safest, easiest, and most controlled way to mix solutions on construction sites. These Mixers provide the versatility to comfortably mix a variety of high and low viscosity solutions.

Mixers on the market today are typically half inch drills. These drills are not designed for mixing applications and thus provide poor ergonomics and limited control. Diablo’s new Mixers combine power with increased comfort and control for the best solution for mixing on a construction jobsite. The Diablo Mixers feature electronic cruise control which keeps paddle at constant RPM, soft-start which reduces start up torque, an electronic regulator to stop paddle rotation in event of overload, and an ergonomic steering wheel handle design to provide the user ultimate control and comfort in mixing applications.

“We are excited about providing the contractor market with a dedicated mixer which is durable, safe, and easy to use,” states Eric Baker, Director of Product Development – Power Tools of Freud America, Inc. “These mixers provide a demonstrable performance advantage over current solutions resulting in more efficient mixing, reduced user fatigue, and a more productive jobsite.”

The new Diablo Mixers are versatile for all types of mixing including concrete, stucco, leveling compounds, filing compounds, waterproofing compounds and more.

The Diablo Mixers are available in 7amp and 13 amp models and include unique features such as:

  • Electronic cruise control keeps paddle at constant RPM
  • Electronic regulator stops paddle rotation in event of overload
  • Speed control dial ensures mixing speed is set properly
  • Ergonomic steering wheel design provides ultimate control and comfort in mixing applications
  • Soft start reduces start up torque and reduces splashing of material
  • 2 speed gear box on the 13 amp model
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty