Waterproofers in NJ Are a Tough Breed…This Robber Tangled With Grandma and Got Roughed Up!

Fiesty is just one word to describe a 78-year-old woman who was robbed and beaten at work Tuesday by a teenager posing as a job applicant in Clifton, New Jersey.

Not only did she fight back, she was also back at work Wednesday. Her boss says she hasn’t missed a day of work in 16 years.

“Bother me and I’m gonna fight,” Delores Dolan said.

Her friends call her Dee, and she is no shrinking violet.

She’s tough, and at 78, she was not about to be the victim of a robbery.

Police say 18-year-old Darwin Rivera found that out the hard way. On Tuesday, the Clifton grandmother was the Rivera’s target. She was at work in a back room office of the waterproofing company she works for.

Authorities say Rivera walked in and, at first, said he wanted a job. But Delores says he was really after something else.